Commercial Urban Agriculture Program 2017

Growing Power’s Commercial Urban Agriculture Training Program will help you to manage your own farming business, while allowing you to learn on-site; actually practicing the hands-on skills needed to profitably farm in the city.  The course is a series of weekend seminars and takes place at Growing Power’s training facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

To learn more about the program, please email

To Apply

Please include the following information in an email to with the subject line: CUA Milwaukee.

Full name
Company name (if applicable)
Telephone Number
Email Address

1. Provide a brief summary of your work experience in urban agriculture. Please include links to and pictures of current projects/farm:

2. Describe in detail your commercial urban agriculture enterprise plan- what do you plan to grow and market?

3. Describe any preliminary research and planning completed for your proposed urban agriculture enterprise. What has inspired you or motivated you to pursue your venture?

4. Describe how you plan to make your urban agriculture project a commercially viable enterprise. How will your enterprise support you or your community?

5. To better understand your needs, how do you expect the CUA program to support your development?

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