At Growing Power’s urban farm in Milwaukee and Chicago, we raise a variety of livestock to create fertilizer for our farms and as a protein source. We feed our livestock an all-natural, sustainably raised grass and vegetable diet, and we supplement with commercial vegetable feed when needed. We do not use antibiotics or growth hormones on any of our animals.

Worms and Fish
Growing Power primarily raises fish and worms. These livestock have their own unique growing systems. Learn more about how we raise Tilapia and Yellow Perch in our aquaponics system and how to raise your own red wiggler worms in vermiculture bins.

Many would argue that Growing Power has the best eggs in town. Here’s why: our chickens have space, bugs to eat, fresh water, and open crates for laying eggs. Happy chickens mean delicious farm fresh eggs available seasonally at farmers’ markets and all year-long through our Farm-to-City Market Basket Program. Growing Power currently has 300 Bovan Brown chickens living at the urban farm in Milwaukee.

In the summer, a few of the chickens live in the chicken tractor on our Merton farm. Here they get to eat grasses and bugs, all the while tilling and fertilizing the soil.

Meet the Goats
Baby goatsWe have around 50 Boer, Alpine, and Lamancha goats on the urban farm in Milwaukee. We also have a mixture of three Nigerian Dwarf, Pygmy, Alpine and Boar goats in Chicago.