Regional Outreach Training Centers

Growing Power also offers satellite Training Centers and workshops serving regions throughout the United States. The ROTC locations are community organizations that have a vested interest in urban and small farming and serve as national training sites that assist Growing Power in reaching a larger population in its efforts to further its mission to build sustainable food systems. Growing Power provides Growing Power, Inc. technical support to the ROTCs, visiting each one on a yearly basis to assist with managing facilities and helping them shape their vision.

Regional Outreach Training Centers (ROTC) adhere to the core techniques of the Growing Power Method: composting, vermicomposting, and year round production. Staff train at Growing Power’s Milwaukee Headquarters and network with other Regional Training Centers and urban farming professionals around the country and the world.

In order to become an ROTC, the organization must be established, with a proven track record in agriculture.  Organizations must also send a representative to attend our Commercial Urban Agriculture Trainings, one weekend a month, for five months at Growing Power in Milwaukee.

Growing Power has well-established satellite-training sites in: