Market Baskets

The Farm-to-City Market Basket Program consists of weekly deliveries of safe, healthy and affordable produce to neighborhoods throughout Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago. This program is run on a weekly basis, so that customers may engage at a pace that is right for them.

The market basket program is a cross between a mobile grocery store and a community supported agriculture (CSA) program. The produce comes from local farms and from small-scale wholesalers, offering us the freshest produce from their shelves. We believe this is the best way to create sustainable change, as well as jobs, in our communities.

Produce found in the Market Basket comes from:

  • Growing Power’s Farms in Milwaukee, Merton, and Will Allen’s Farm in Oak Creek;
  • The Rainbow Farmer’s Cooperative, a collective of small, family farmers; and
  • Wholesalers: Small-scale, locally or family owned wholesalers such as Goodness Greeness in Chicago. These wholesalers keep fresh fruits and vegetables not grown locally during the winter, such as apples, head lettuce, and peppers, available and affordable year-round and provide local jobs in our community — the very essence of a Community Food System.

Types of Market Baskets

The Regular Market Basket
Provides varieties of conventional and sustainably grown produce designed to last 2 to 4 people throughout the week. The basket contains a variety of both fruits and vegetables.

The Junior/Senior Market Basket
Provides approximately half the regular market basket designed to accommodate smaller households. The basket still contains varieties of produce, but in smaller quantities.

The Sustainable Market Basket
Provides approximately variety of certified organic and sustainably grown produce designed to last 2-4 people throughout the week. The basket contains a variety of both fruits and vegetables.

In addition to the weekly market basket, customers may also purchase pasture-raised meats and fruit baskets. Urban Clover Honey from Growing Power’s apiary is a specialty item that is seasonally available. Please email you local market basket coordinator for options.

To Order

In Milwaukee, please email

In Madison, please call 608.358.5834 and leave a message on our hotline.

In Chicago, please email


You may pay for your Market Basket with cash, check, or online using Pay Pal.  To pay online, please click on the donate button.  Please note the type of basket on the memo line when using Pay Pal.