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Note that the following prices does not include shipping and handling. All items are available for pick-up with at least 24-hour notice.

Educational KITS
Hands on and classroom size:

  • $200 Aquaponics kit (fish tank, water pump, aeration pump, gravel (not shipped),test strips, fish food, gold fish, microgreens, wooden growing bed and attachments).
  • $100 Microgreens kit (Plastic tote, 2 water tight trays, sprouting seeds, worm castings, 2 trays with slits, 2 covers with slits, 1 bag each of sunflower seeds and pea shoots, 1 bag coconut coir).
  • $100 Vermicomposting kit (3 totes, wood base box, coir, 1 lid with holes, 1lb of red wigglers, faucet, burlap bag).
  • $50 Mushroom kit (18 gal. tote, straw 1lb, 2oz. substrate, .4 lb. of grain spawn, tray top and bottom, lids, humidity tent, coir, 1 pair non-latex gloves, 1 lb. masonry lime).

Kits are available for pick up at Growing Power at the prices above. If you would like to have the Kit delivered, there is a $100 per hour delivery charge. Consulting services are available to assist with set up and instruction at a cost of $100 per hour. All kits come with a step by step guide. Step by step curriculum guides are available separately for $20.

Contact: for more information or ordering.


  • Will Allen’s, The Good Food Revolution, $26/book unsigned, $36/autographed
  • Farmer Will Allen & the Growing Table: A Children’s Book, $20/book


  • The Good Food Revolution, $25/dvd
  • A Call to Farm: a Tour of Growing Power with Will Allen, $25/dvd
  • A conversation between Will Allen and Michael Pollan, $25/dvd


  • Growing Power T-Shirts, $15/each
  • Hoodies, $45/each
  • Ball caps, $20/each
  • Mason jar with the GP logo, $10/each
  • Magnet, $5/each

Ala carte supplies:

  • Red Wiggler worms (5 gal. bucket)-$25
  • Compost with worms- $100/yd, $200/yd delivered and installed
  • Worm castings- $4/lb.
  • Wholesale worm castings — $20 for a 7 lb bag
  • Wood chips-$25/yd
  • Seeds- price varies by seed type
  • Coconut coir $16/block
  • Gold fish- 1$ per fish Perch- Market Price
  • Curriculum- $20 per unit (Aquaponics, vermicomposting, microgreens, mushroom lessons are available)
  • Growing Power Honey – $7/jar

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(Note: Shipping is available for smaller items accept fish. Shipping charges are extra.)
Contact: for more information or ordering.