Rainbow Farmers Cooperative

The Rainbow Farmer’s Cooperative (RFC) was established by Growing Power in 1993 to support and train small-scale farmers throughout the United States. Our cooperative is a membership driven marketing and information cooperative that establishes market opportunities for producers of conventional and organic produce.

beansThe Rainbow Farmer’s Cooperative is a small-scale food producer and sellers cooperative comprised of rural and urban farmers. Our cooperative represents approximately 300 small family farmers from Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and Illinois in the Midwest and Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida in the southeast.

Our farmers’ produce greens, herbs, fruits, vegetables, eggs, cheese, grass-fed meats, milk, juice, honey, jam. The cooperative also sells compost, vermicomposting Videos, and “Milwaukee Black Gold” worm castings.

Let’s Work Together—Providing for our Small Farmers

America’s small farms our facing a crisis. The cost of doing business in the United States has forced thousands of family farms to fold. Many of our nations small farms do not have the staff, transportation resources, or proximity to locale to attend farmers markets. In order to alleviate this, the RFC was created to help farmers’ pool their resources in order to get their crops and products to market. Our farmers receive:

  • cash on delivery for their products, which they can immediately invest back into their farms;
  • marketing of individual farms through Growing Power’s web site and word of mouth at multiple markets throughout Illinois and Wisconsin;
  • transportation from farm to RFC’s storage warehouse in Milwaukee;
  • access to restaurants and small-scale wholesalers; and
  • cooler storage space to assure quality control of produce.

These products are purchased to sell at farmers’ markets, directly to restaurants in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago, as well as for Growing Power’s Farm-to-City Market Basket program.

For more information, please email rfc.growingpower@gmail.com.