We have multiple sites for distribution of the produce we grow on Growing Power farms and the produce we represent through the Rainbow Farmer's Cooperative.

  • The Market Basket Program:  A mix between a mobile grocery story and a Community Supported Agriculture style food basket distribution program. 

  • The Rainbow Farmer's Cooperative: Our cooperative was originally formed as a way for Will Allen and four other small family farmers to compete; local wholesalers would not by the farmers produce because their small, family farms just could not supply enough food on a consistent basis.  By banding together, these farmers were able to sell their produce to the community.  The cooperative grew, and we now represent over 300 small, family farms across the United States.

  • We also sell directly to restaurants and at farmers' markets in Milwaukee and Chicago.



Milwaukee Headquarters:  5500 W. Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53218

Tel. 414.527.1546 / Fax 414.527.1908

Chicago Projects Office:  3333 S. Iron Street, Chicago, IL 60608

Tel. 773.376.8882