Growing Your Community Food System “From the Ground Up” Workshops

From the Ground Up! Workshops are intensive, hands-on trainings offering diverse groups the opportunity to learn, plan, develop, operate, and sustain community food projects.  Project participants leave the workshop with improved skills that they can take back into their communities and pass on to others.  These workshops are for both rural and urban projects.  Click here  for two-day workshop details. Please be aware no video recordings are allowed. 

2014 Two-day Weekend Workshops :  

January 18th-19th                                                          

February 15th-16th                                                       
March 22nd-23rd      
April 26th-27th
May 17th-18th        
June 21st-22nd                


3-Day Aquaponic Workshops - (Must Pre-Register Online)

An intensive hands-on workshop focused exclusively on aquaponic and urban aquaculture training.  Topics include system design, water chemistry, fish husbandry, and plant selection.  These workshops begin on Friday, the day before the standard 2-day workshop and participants will not have an opportunity to participate in the other breakout sessions.  Click here for aquaponics workshop details. Please be aware no video recordings are allowed.

2014 Aquaponic Workshops:
January 17th-19th
ebruary 14th-16th
March 21st-23rd
April 25th-27th
May 16th-18th
June 20th-22nd


Register for Workshops with Eventbrite. Please note a ticket fee is charged by Eventbrite. You have the option to pay by check or cash.

Cost for the 2-Day Workshop: $400.00

Cost for the 3-Day Aquaponic Workshop: $600.00


You can change your registration date or transfer your registration to another person the weekend of registration. We have a no refund policy. No exceptions.

Hotels and Accommodation

Scholarship Application - for the 2-Day Weekend and Aquaponics Workshops only.

Growing Power - Growing Farmers Series


Commercial Urban Agriculture 2014 Program / To learn more and download Application

If you are ready to start your own urban farm or you work for an organization farming in an urban environment, the Commercial Urban Agriculture Program is program for you.  The course is a series of five, three–day weekend seminars, January through May (participants are expected to attend and participate in all five, three-day sessions).   The program begins on Friday and continues on Saturday mornings with small class meetings.  Participants then move into hands-on learning on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.  During this time, attendees concentrate on skill building focused on the participant’s individual farming business. 

2014 Training Dates (participants are expected to attend all trainings): 

January 17-19th, February 14-16th, March 21-23rd, April 25-27th, May 16-18th

Cost: $2,800 for entire course

Pay for Commercial Urban Ag


The Growing Power workshop is an intensive, hands-on, training workshop at the Milwaukee facility. This workshop offers diverse groups the opportunity to learn, plan, develop, operate, and sustain community food projects. Project participants leave the workshop with improved skills that they can take to their communities and pass on to others. This workshop is appropriate for both rural and urban projects.

6-Week Intensive Farmer Training Program

This all-inclusive farmer training program is for the serious beginning farmer.  The goal of this program is to build the sustainable farming skills of new and beginning farmers or seasoned farmers transitioning to sustainable methods. Trainees may enter the program on a rolling basis throughout the year and will be provided meals, housing, and intensive, in-the-field training.  Program participants are expected to commit a minimum of 6 days minimum of 48 hours per week, for six weeks, including weekends and evenings engaged in the skills of growing soil, composting, hoophouse construction & building raised beds.

Program topics include:

Growing Soil – learn the basics of organic waste collection, composting, vermiculture, vermi-composting, and resourcefulness.  Healthy soil is the key to healthy and productive crops.

Hoop-house construction – learn how to extend the growing season for cool climates by constructing affordable hoop-houses, including troubleshooting and diverse production methods.  Learn innovative and sustainable methods for heating a hoop-house during the cooler seasons, November – March.

Raised Bed growing – learn how to build nutrient-rich, raised beds for productive and bountiful growing.  Raised beds require minimal maintenance and produce bountiful harvests.

Cost:                      $6,000 includes housing & meals 

Apply for this program here.

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