Chicago Workshops

2017 Chicago Farm Workshops

ENTREPRENEUR TRAINING (business planning series):

If you are looking for a program geared towards the entrepreneurial side of farming, which includes business plan development and an introduction to urban farming techniques, please click here more information.


Location: Workshops will be held at Growing Power’s South Chicago Farm located at Clara D. Schafer Park. The farm is located at the intersection of East 90th Street and South Mackinaw Avenue, Chicago, IL 60617. DR Training in December will be held at our office located at 1200 W. 35th Street in Chicago.

Workshop cost: $75 per workshop, $20 for students and SNAP recipients. Dismantling Racism in the Food System Workshop in December is $250.00.

Participants with Student/SNAP tickets will need to bring documentation or they will be charged for the full cost of the workshop they wish to attend.

Vermicomposting & Composting
Saturday, April 1st, 1pm-5pm

Red Wriggler worms are Mother Nature’s ultimate recyclers.  In this workshop, we will teach you the ins-and-outs of basic composting, why nutrient-dense soil is necessary for healthy food production, and how to create an easy to maintain system at home.  Supplies not included but will be available for purchase.

Click here to register for Vermicomposting 101

Container Gardening- Additional $40 dollar fee (added to workshop cost) 
Saturday, May 6th, 1pm-5pm

If you don’t have land but do have a desire to get your hands dirty, Container Gardening 101 is for you.  Growing Power’s staff will teach you how to seed containers for micro-greens and salad production, as well as herb and edible flower pots.  These dual purpose pots can be both decorative for your patio and open up your kitchen to fresh foods grown right outside your door.  This hands-on workshop will cover soil conditions, planting and sowing, maintaining your container, harvesting and post-harvest handling. Walk away with an edible beauty of your own creation!

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Mushroom Cultivation 101
Saturday, June 3rd, 9am-12pm

Who’s the life of our farm party? Fungi. Come celebrate these fantastic and magical fruits with a workshop devoted entirely to their cultivation. Participants will learn how to inoculate and maintain wine cap, oyster and shiitake mushrooms.

Raised bed building, Planting and Harvesting
Saturday, June 3rd, 1pm-5pm

Come out to the farm and learn the proper technique for building raised beds without a costly-wooden structure. We will be seeding and planting a variety of crops, as well as teaching harvesting techniques.  You will walk away with knowledge on plant and seed spacing, as well as basic harvesting and post-harvest handling. This workshop will be entirely hands-on so be prepared for a workout!

Click here to register for Raised Bed Building, Planting and Harvesting

Beekeeping and Honey Harvesting for Beginners
Saturday, August 5th, 1pm-5pm

Our sweetest workshop yet! Honey bees are some of the hardest workers at the farm.  Learn how to set up a hive, conduct basic maintenance of your apiary, and process honey with our team.

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Fall Planting & Season Extension
Saturday, September 16th, 1pm-5pm

We’ll be seeding and planting our hoop-houses for winter production during this hands-on workshop.  Come learn how to cultivate the land for fall production and how to protect your crops from the cold in order to increase year-round food security for your community.

Click here to register for Fall Planting & Season Extension

Dismantling Racism in the Food System
December 9-10th, 9am-5pm

$250 total fee, includes breakfast & lunch. Located at the Bridgeport Art Center, 1200 W. 35th Street, Chicago, IL.

Designed to build a community of leaders and provide intensive training and dialogue for participants to facilitate anti-racist food justice in their own programs and communities.